"If there is any line of medicine where a child is afraid to go thats a dentist. My daughter Keerthi is one of those kids who are afraid to visit a doctor. And unfortunately she had at least one root canal and six cavities in her teeth. I shuttled between so many dentists who had too long a queue of patients that they hardly had enough time to be patient with my daughter. And my daughter was least willing to let anybody peep into her mouth. 

Then I got to know about Dr. Sukhdeep. He treated my kid so patiently that my daughter was at absolute peace with him. More than a doctor Dr. Sukhdeep is a person who is so understanding and patient that a child feels safe and secure with. I really thank him for handling my daughter in such a way that now her phobia of dentist has been wiped out. And for her it is no more a painful experience to visit a dentist".  

--Mrs. Jaya Aurora, Singapore

My 3-year old son was suffering from dental caries & by the time I got to know about it, it was too late and the only option left was extractions... and finally somebody told me to go to Dr. Sukhdeep Singh who is a pediatric dentist...and I am glad I went to him or my little one would still be suffering as every one kept telling me, " oh it's just milk teeth they will go away" BUT WHEN??

After consultation with him we were told we will have to opt for general anesthesia. Of course my family had some apprehensions about general anesthesia and we went for a second opinion which was pretty useless as he said we will do the procedure in local anesthesia & when I asked what if he doesn't let you which I think no three year old will, the answer was then we will have to admit him a day before and do it in general anesthesia, which was pretty ridiculous...I mean who wants trial and error on their kid.

Under Dr. Sukhdeep's care it was a half day in the hospital & my son is in good health now.

My advise to all parents is to go to somebody who treats ONLY children and not a regular dentist...and spread the word around!! 

-- Mrs. Devika Lal, Singapore

My son Aditya who is four and a half years old now had an odd habit of nesting food, even milk, in his mouth for a long time. Like any other 'normal' kid, he would prefer to avoid eating. This over a long period of time, led to caries in all his  teeth, and he had great pain, not being able to eat as a result. We consulted Dr. Sukhdeep and he recommended that Aditya under go restoration on all his teeth and root canals if required. Being a three and a half years old, multiple sittings were out of the question for Aditya, so 19 of his 20 teeth were restored with metallic caps on the rear teeth and tooth coloured ones for the front. One tooth had to be extracted, all this under general anesthesia in one go. It was one day affair, only side effect was he was a bit groggy for a few hours after the procedure but he started jumping around being his usual self by the evening. Rather than being ashamed of the caps, he is now proud of having 'strong' teeth. 

Thank you Dr. Sukhdeep.

--Mr. Murali, Gurgaon

My son Anupam who is 8 years old has a history of cavities since a very young age. He was always reluctant to brush his teeth more than once. In the last one year, his cavities became really huge and we did not know what to do. Most dentists suggested that since his milk teeth would fall off soon, we should just wait till then.That's when we came to know about Happy Teeth. Anupam had to undergo two extractions, two root canals and several cavity fillups. Now he is much better with healthier teeth. We also intend to do preventive treatment procedures till he is older and is better able to care for his dental health.

All thanks to Dr Sukhdeep.

-- Mrs. Sonali Mukherjee, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

I have a three and a half years old son Ansh & I was very worried about his teeth with caries and cavities. The first time I went to Dr. Sukhdeep I knew he is the one for my son as he was very friendly and explained everything to me in layman's language so I could understand what was going on and what needed to be done. My son needed multiple root canals and caps & due to his age he was not cooperative. It was decided to carry out all the procedures under general anesthesia. 

It all happened in one day and I didn't have to worry about anything because Dr. Sukhdeep was very helpful in the hospital.  

I recommend him to all my friends as he is very helpful, patient, and friendly with kids and doesn't rush you out of his clinic or OPD and answers all the questions patiently. 

Thank you so much Dr. Sukhdeep.

Mrs. Juhi Pandya, New Delhi.


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